Destination Brazil

  • Assessment


Both home and host countries players need to get to know the potential transferee and family's needs, so that all can work in synchronicity. Team players are the success key to a smooth transition between home and host locations. This stage consists of interviews and debriefing that is expected to lead to a strategic plan for conducing a hassle-free and effective expatriation program.


  • Pre Move or Pre Decision Trip


The purpose of this trip is to lay out live Brazilian way of living and working. Exploring it all in loco (neighborhoods, infrastructure, traffic, schools, type of constructions and architectures, general aspects of life, shopping and available products and brands, food, cuisine, cost of living, habits, customs, etc as it is so that misassumptions don't get on their way of adapting later on to Brazil. This familiarization trip is the key to a successful and healthy acceptance of the differences of the new location.


  • Home-finding


We intend to save time and money to our corporate client as well as minimize hassles and bureaucracy to families. We advocate for our clients' best interests by negotiating legal terms, prices, diplomatic clauses and liveable and safety conditions of the property.


  • Settling-In


Our mission , throughout our assistance, is to help families accommodate in Brazil as early and comfortably as possible, and to make them reach the adaptation level soon so that they can reach the beautiful feeling of belonging. Our satisfaction is when we they re-conquer their autonomy, leading the same life they use to in their country, though in different context.


  • Shipment Clearance Coordination


Moving households is frustrating, long and cause emotional stress and money. Customs clearance is another stress adding factor. Through our Coordination Program, we intend to save time, money and avoid double costs to employer while helping families plan their move, in concert with visa, home renting and schooling deadlines.


  • Schooling


We facilitate the schooling enrollment through:


Survey of public, private, bilingual and intl. schools in several cities

Advise families about curriculum systems

Accompaniment to selected schools

Coordination of tests and enrollment process

Follow through the enrollment


  • Ongoing Support


It's already a headache for locals to deal with daily matters, so imagine the same for foreigners who don't speak the language and understand how things are done here. Also, one knows problems like to strike when we least expect them, and dealing with them alone, especially in a foreign country, can be difficult and often frightening.


That's why we like to stand by our clients in times of need and distress, and offer our on going support when needed, such as:

emergency services, 24/7, beyond working hours or during business hours for, but not limited to, electric, water problems, locksmiths, health emergencies, domestic help, renewal of Ids, rent adjustment, claims to landlords, etc

Departure from Brazil

Employers and Transferee's names, records and background have to be protected even after leases are terminated. Assignees never know when they will be re-assigned back to Brazil; local employers need to Protect their Reputation before the market and third parties.


The purpose of this program is to effectively and efficiently repatriate assignee and family to their home country, ensuring a smooth return and releasing tenant and employer from lease contingencies. In that, our efforts too are focused on returning the property to owners, in the same conditions that was provided to tenant, and in the shortest time possible so as to avoid costs. We follow through the entire departure program, which covers, but is not limited to:


  • Property and inventory inspection

  • Furniture and home appliances condition

  • Coordination of property and inventory repair

  • Mailing forwarding

  • Transfer of school records

  • Assisting with property, car and furniture disposal

  • Cancellation of utilities under expat's name

  • Coordination of Lease Termination and fornal release of expat and employer

  • Shipment Coordination

Back Office

A good portion of the headaches that someone might encounter when moving to a new country is to manage all the services needed to make the new home and related bills in order. The biggest headache of all is to deal with locals when one does not speak the local language and one is not savvy with the culture specifics and how things are done locally and on daily basis. Ordering, for instance, a cup of coffee may transform into a big project. Every single task start having its own peculiarites. 


In order to reduce the expatriate's concerns, have it all under control and Avoid Delinquency, Penalties and Interests, we offer:


  • Property management (vacant or occupied)

  • Tenancy management

  • Expense management (auditing, processing, paying)

  • Vendor coordination (selecting, negotiating, checking background, certifying)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Destination Services 


  • Home Hunting:


1) How are the Real Estate Agencies and property listed in Brazil?

Some countries have Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) through which every realtor can access data.

Brazil does not have this system, and new comers should visit as many realtors as they can as some properties are exclusive, and you may only find them through realtors. Visits to these properties become necessary, especially when they are not even pictured.


2) As a tenant, which bills am I required to pay in Brazil?

What is standard knowledge worldwide is that all utilities are paid by tenants whilst other bills are specific to landlords, however, although tax properties and condo fee in many countries are related to property, hence owner responsibility, one finds it common that a tenant is responsible for paying those two fees on regular basis during the lease term.


3) Which personal documents are required to rent a property?

Usually, you need a copy of your passport/ID, taxpayer ID, evidence that you can afford the rent (salary or a letter from employer), and sometimes a guarantor. Be prepared to have your credit report checked with or without your consent.


4) What are my alternatives to providing a guarantor in case my company cannot?

In some cases owners might accept a 3 month deposit, a letter of credit from a bank, or an insurance plan to indemnify for unpaid rent and damages to the property.


5) What are the tenant's responsibilities after renting a home?

The tenant should maintain the property in the same conditions he/she received it and must return it the same way, except normal wear and tear. We advise you to pay extra attention to the entrance inspection report before you occupy, and report any default or malfunctioning during the first 30 days after you get the key. 


6) Which are the landlord's responsibilities?

He/she must repair any structural problems, not caused by misuse or negligence.


  • Settling-in Process:


7) How about commuting?

You always need to check the public transportation, subways, trains, cabs, etc. Also, many Brazilian cities are car cities, so you may need to rethink living far away from work and school and needing to commute every day.  Remember, the less yoou drive the lower risk you have. Get a survey about car market as well, as cars are expensive in Brazil.


8) What is recommended in terms of safety?

Large cities have worldwide reputations for being dangerous. When walking downtown, use common sense and try not to carry flashy jewelry , too much cash or credit cards and original documents. Get familiar with the new environment first and don't go to unknown or dangerous areas. Trust your gut instinct and first impressions; rarely do they betray us.



9) What should I know about electrical appliances?

TV and Video recorders colors systems differ from one country to another; so research that before planning to ship them to Brazil. You also need to pay attention to voltage and engine cycles - WATTS. Many may not work in Brazil, so it may not be worth your while to bring them here as parts replacement may take long time, besides being extremely expensive.


  • Maid and Cleaning Ladies:


10) What kind of domestic help can I get?

Brazilian domestic law has recently releases some regulations for full time and live in domestic help.  Study the domestic help law before hiring and rely on your Destination Services Provider. You may think alternatives, such as, cleaning ladies or hourly paid nanies or ride paid drivers.


  • Schooling:


11)  What kind of schools are there in Brazil?

There are public Brazilian schools, private schools with English and Spanish as foreign languages, bilingual schools and the most known international schools.   For international schools, waiting lists are long, and thorough analysis is done to enable a foreign kid to be accepted. Be prepared to compromise if your kids are not accepted in those schools, there are global education schools preparing global mindset as well.